Address: 81 NW 40th street miami fl
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Mestizo City

december 6th - 8th 2012
a site speciFic installation by
muñoz & company
mestizo city, a 6,700 sqUare-Foot site-speciFic installation, is a playFUl interactive pUblic space, created to represent the vibrant and varied latino cUltUre and its growing inFlUence in the United states. created by mUñoz & co., a nationally recognized and socially conscioUs architectUre and design Firm, mestizo city opens on december 6th in the miami design district dUring design miami /art basel 2012.

Mestizo Deluxe: Opening Party

Thursday, december 6th at 6:30pm
an exclUsive preview party
don’t miss the kick oFF party to the three day installation oF mestizo city at design miami /art basel. experience the cUltUral phenomenon oF mUlti- sensory celebration within pUblic spaces inherent in latino cUltUre.

El CHingon Concert

Saturday, december 8th at 9:00 pm
led by internationally acclaimed Film director robert rodrigUez
chingon was Formed by Film director robert rodrigUez to record songs For his 2003 Film Once UpOn a Time in mexicO. they contribUted on mexicO and mariachis, a compilation albUm to rodrígUez’ mariachi TrilOgy, and released their debUt albUm, mexican spagheTTi WesTern, in 2004. the band’s name comes From a mexican slang term, chingón, which loosely translates to “badass” or “awesome”.

Breakfast Tacos at Tiffani's

Friday, december 7th 10:00am
a panel discUssion aboUt the latino imprint on design in the United states
patrons and press are invited to Join Us For breakFast tacos and a panel discUssion with nationally recognized scholars, thinkers, designers and architects aboUt the latino imprint on design in the United states.